About Me

Budgeting is nothing new to me. I’m a student after all, and I’ve always relied heavily on the student grant to get me through the month.

I manage okay — my parents do pay my rent and give me a small allowance that I have to balance with paying food and bills. One month, however, things spiraled way out of control. I didn’t factor in costs for buses home, and then I needed repair work done, an astronomically high electric bill and then not thinking, I decided to eat out…

I checked my account to make sure I had enough money to pay the landlord, only to find my allowance was gone, and a chunk of my grant was going to my rent this month instead.

Oh bugger.

I’ve seen plenty of websites and blogs for students and how to eat and live well on a tight budget… But none of them seemed to suit me or my needs very well. For starters, I don’t live in the UK or America, which makes a big difference. Secondly, a blog that suggests I eat bread sticks and lettuce for a week as dinner is completely incompatible with my lifestyle. I walk everywhere, and thus an empty stomach simply won’t do. Thirdly, only once did I see any kind of post that offered a complete lifestyle under a semi-reasonable budget, not just food, or entertainment.

So I decided to start one of my own instead, the story of a real life student, in a real life city on a tight budget.


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