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After checking my bank account I realised that I had less than 50e to spend for the better part of three weeks. After finding most 'eat for a week for 10 pounds/20 dollars' were in fact, UK or US based, and honestly, useless, I decided to go it alone. No 'store cupboard' cheats and it's not just limited to my food budget either. Nights out, presents, food, toiletries, date night... Ladies and gentlemen, with my rent and esb paid, I have accepted a challenge to live on the partial grant of 80 euro a month. Bring it.

Oops… An Update

Last week was a roller coaster for myself. There was much drama and I got way too swept up with it all to write up a post or even write down my budget for the week…

I shall be putting up the promised gift tutorials and maybe a recipe or two during the week. Do also expect a tips and tricks post too on how I survive, when not mooching off   being supported by my friends/boyfriend.

This week, I have no fewer than two parties/events to attend, dinner to cook most nights and a cake to bake for one of my roommates. Recipes & prices to follow! 🙂

To be continued!


Week 1

I have ~€50 left to live on across the next four weeks. I also have to pay for a bus home at least one over this period, which leaves me even shorter still. I meant to keep up a log of my recipes, but me being me, forgot until now. Recipes shall be posted up next week, alongside the menu lists.

This week’s shopping list:

  • Penne Pasta [500g @75c]
  • Long Grain Rice [1kg@1.00]
  • Frozen chicken breasts [1kg@5.00]
  • Lean Beef Mince [900g @3.45]
  • Passata [400g @59c]
  • Fresh tomato and basil soup [600g @1.50]
  • Sweet peppers [4 @ 79c]
  • Fresh milk [300ml @59c]

Total Spent: 13.67

Also in cupboard & freezer:
Frozen Peas
Squeezy Honey
Sriracha Hot Sauce
Herbal Teas [Christmas gifts!]

I don’t mind spending a little extra here and there, especially when most of the ingredients here will last me for more than a week. This is particularly true for the meat — while I take precautions to avoid anaemia, I’m not a huge meat eater. Let’s just say I rarely have trouble sticking to the ‘no bigger than the palm of your hand’ rule of thumb.

This week’s menu:


  • Tea & Toast
  • Tomato Soup & Pasta
  • Free College Pizza!


  • Tea & Toast
  • Rice & Peas, with Sriracha
  • Spaghetti Bolognese


  • Tea, Egg & Toast
  • Fruit Cup [Free in College!]
  • Tomato Soup & Pasta


  • Tea & Toast
  • Sriracha Chicken w/Rice
  • Pasta w/Tomato Sauce


  • Tea & Toast
  • Leftovers

I’m heading home on tomorrow [Friday] so no cooking for me this weekend! I’ll add recipes and the like as time goes on.

Also, I’m making budget gifts this weekend too, as I have mothers day and a birthday coming up, so stay tuned! 🙂